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Brookfield Ancestor Project - Knights of the Garter



 The Kings and Queens: 

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  The Founders of the Order of the Garter [25]
  Edward III King of England 1349-1377 [37]
Richard II King of England 1377-1399 [30]
  Henry IV King of England 1399-1413 [27]
  Henry V King of England 1413-1422 [21]
Henry VI King of England 1422-1461 [44]
Edward IV King of England 1461-1483 [36]
  Edward V  King of England 1383
Richard III King of England 1483-1485 [7]
  Henry VII King of England 1485-1509 [37]
Henry VIII King of England 1509-1547 [53]
  Edward VI  King of England 1547-1553 [13]
  Jane 1553
Mary I Queen of England 1553-1558 [9]
  Elizabeth I  Queen of England 1558-1603 [53]
  James I King of England 1603-1625 [27]
  Charles I King of England 1625-1649 [23]
  Charles II King of England 1649-1685 [47]
  James II King of England 1685-1688 [7]
  William and Mary King and Queen of England 1689-1684 [7]
  William III  King of England 1694-1702 [7]
  Anne  Queen of England 1702-1714 [14]
  George I  King of England 1714-1727 [21]
  George II  King of England 1727-1760 [34]
  George III  King of England 1760-1820 [73]
  The Regency  1811-1820 [3]
George IV King of England 1820-1830 [14]
  William IV  King of England 1830-1837 [14]
  Victoria  Queen of England 1837-1901 [133]
  Edward VII  King of England 1901-1910 [25]
George V  King of England 1910-1936 [44]
Edward VIII  King of England 1936
  George VI  King of England 1836-1952 [28]
Elizabeth II Queen of England 1952 -- [77]

  Reference: Wikimedia Foundation
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The Most Noble Order of the Garter was founded by King Edward III of England in 1348 as "a society, fellowship and college of knights." It is now the oldest and highest order of chivalry in the British honours system. No women were added to the order after 1488 until Queen Alexandra was named by King Edward VII in 1901. They are listed separately as Ladies of the Garter until the 1987 Statute which allowed Lady Knights.

The Reference: Wikimedia Foundation
  The source is the Wikimedia Foundation for the listings of the Knights of the Garter including the links to the on the pages for the Knights of the Garter which are Wiki Pages.

We have included a KG Issues Page which identifies certain issues and provides additional information concerning the KG Ancestor Project.

We have also included color coding for the listings of Knights of the Garter including tan for those identified with Plantagenet ancestry and light blue for those currently being checked.